Powerful Route Server

Total control of the BGP, OSPF, VLAN and with web interface

Fast, secure, 64-bit FreeBSD-based operating system.

Some features

BGP - BGP management with multiple PEERS and route convergence in seconds.

OSPF - OSPF management with filters and non-locking route convergence.

Route-Maps - Políticas de enrutamiento para controlar con mayor precisión sus redistribuciones de ruta.

BrbOS - Total control of your server. LoopBack, VLAN, GRE and Bridge interfaces. ARP, IPv4 and IPv6, MNDP, SNMP e mais .

Last Release

Border 0.1 - 105 - x64 - RELEASE
122.83MB - MD5-CHECKSUM: 4f4a15daa15ddb4d82e3d501e20ad20d

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Technical Support

Monday-Friday: 9 hrs - 19hrs / Saturday: 10 hrs - 13hrs
The BrByte Support is a service that covers installation problems and questions related to our products. For questions related to the implementation on your network, we offer consultancy service, which is charged separately. Your business will be answered by a trained professional with experience in various topologies

Our Platform

Administrative Panel Web-based Desktop and simplified. Fully manageable from a modern browser and in accordance with web standards

Operating System quickly and safely, based on FreeBSD 64-bits. Can be installed in any existing machine, just having the ability to become a server.

Easy installation in 5 min, from a simple CD- ROM with only ~ 70MB .

Reports and graphs monitoring and performance in real time.

A large community of users, developers and integrators. With support classroom and virtual support.

The best value in the market: performance and stability in a 100% Brazilian solution.