Configure an OSPF server on your network in a simple way


Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) is one of the most commonly used Internal Gateway Protocols (IGPs) for internal routing protocols. Set up an OSPF server on your network on the same server together with BGP or there is the possibility of setting only OSPF without BGP.


web-panel   OSPF caches the fastest path between source and destination, and then sends packets of data to a route that has the least amount of traffic. Therefore, the shorter here means the time that the data packets take to go from point A to point B.   OSPF works for routing within the domain that operates within a single autonomous system (AS). The state of the link represents the basic information of a router and its immediate connections, and then the OSPF protocol gathers the information and calculates the shortest path between two points.


Some of the most important reasons for implementing the OSPF protocol are:    - Reduces overall routing costs for businesses. - Enables network redundancy. - Optimizing Local Area Network (LAN) Performance


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